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about me

Collections Curator and Zooarchaeologist. I prepare, manage and care the Osteological Reference Collections for the Ministry of Culture - Direcção Geral do património Cultural (DGPC), Archaeosciences Laboratory (Laboratório de Arqueociências - LARC) - Zooarchaeology

My work also focuses on the relationship through time between human and other animals in their environment, as reflected in faunal assemblages recovered from archaeological sites in Iberia and North Africa (Morocco). 

Besides collaborating with teams within and outside Portugal, I also offer advice and provide technical support to archaeologists via the annual program "Concurso Arqueociências", which is decided annually by competition at the Archaeosciences Laboratory .

Auxiliary Researcher at CIBIO-InBIO.

Researcher at UNIARQ.


Laboratório de Arqueociências. Calçada do Mirante à Ajuda, 10A. 1300-418 Lisboa (Portugal).

(GPS: 38.708534, -9.197934, Map)


Phone.: (+351)213617120

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